Preface to Volume II?

Greetings all:

That is, all 3 of you (including me) who might read this.

I have officially decided to move the Tome of Zozer to WordPress, especially because it allows non-users to leave comments.  I have moved over the two most recent posts on my old Xanga site (because I can) and will leave it up for a while (because I will forget about it), but consider this the new home of the Tome.  Heh.

I don’t know how useful or navigable the “categories” function is on this site, but we’ll find out – I’ll try to put them in one category or another, with implied distinctions that may or may not ever become clear.  If I start waxing philosophical, I’ll put it under “Ramble”; if merely personal information or speculations, “Personal”; if I find some fact or observation worth posting (and there are several), I will call it “Nonsense” or “Hall of Fame,” depending on how amazing it is.

Right.  Onward.


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