This was originally on my AIM away message, but I figured I’d give it a little longer life.

Observations on eThority, our increasing reliance on electronic entities for our information:
* “Google it”
* the Facebook group, “If Wikipedia Says It, It Must Be True”
* the widespread implicit agreement with that statement, even among those not on Facebook
* Facebook
* MySpace
* “I read online somewhere …”
* Finding how-to on “the Internet” > gardening, recipes, WebMD, “So you want to be a ___”
* New York Times online; BBC Online;; et al.
* the blogging phenomenon, or more specifically, to refer to one or more blogs for current informations and opinions
* Deferring to MS SpellCheck, or that split-second when you wonder whether the underlined word really doesn’t exist
* Microsoft Office Assistants

… and finally, “Just visit our website for more information…”


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