Pandemic, Personal Production

Two quick thoughts:

1) Is it unethical to believe that the world is in fact due, in cyclical growth-and-collapse terms, for a major population wipe-out?  Or are we already on the cusp of one?  (Influenza, I’m thinking of the 1918-19 pandemic and looking in your direction)

2) I looked at my last post, and my away messages, and the 5+ Emails I wrote today, and 80 pages (so far) of notes for my thesis, and 10 pages (so far) of notes for another paper, and thought, “Damn.   Is my whole life just the consuming, processing, and production of text?”

Yeah.  Yeah it kinda is.


1 comment so far

  1. Curtis Plowgian on

    Hey, as long as the text you’re consuming, processing, and producing is interesting, your life is interesting in proportion to that, right?

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