Application, Supplication…

Wikipedia informs me that “supplication” is a petitioning or prayer, usually to a deity. That sounds about right, as I’m thinkin’ it’s a good time to appeal to the Employment Gods for their thoughtful consideration of my application.

Then it occurred to me that not only will I need to spend a few months of this year searching for a position for next year, but I will also (theoretically) need to apply to graduate school more or less a couple months after I start whatever position I end up in. Then theoretically, if I do indeed get accepted to and start a PhD program, even in that time (before I even get to the job market) it will be a steady stream of grant proposals, funding applications, and probably some summer research or other work to fill the class gaps.

Then I thought about the whole Man in the Gray Flannel Suit organization mentality … man that’s looking really good right now. And by “that” I mean 1950s job stability and security.

And actually, although the movie (1956) is boring as all get-out (even with Gregory Peck), the book (Sloan Wilson, 1955) was pretty good.

Also, I was hoping it was on YouTube, and it was!!!

Family Guy – Gregory Peck’s kids

hee hee hee hee hee hee hee I love it.


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  1. Curtis Plowgian on

    Work for Kaplan! It’s part-time, it pays well, and your standardized test scores are more than adequate to get you a job there. Win win, baby. I should work for or something.

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