An Ad I Actually Like

I spend a lot of energy complaining about advertising, both specific ads and general trends. So I thought I’d just mention an ad I actually do like.

I’ve only seen it on CNN (and I think they moved on now) but basically it’s about Morgan Stanley being “World Wise.” The ad features a narrator stringing together “buzz words” about the modern economy … “borderless economy… friction-free state… flow…” etc. (I can’t remember any of the others but they are along the same lines). As he speaks, images morph together around a city – an urban skyline, a subway commuter train, looking up a several-story building with red lanterns hanging in the open space, etc. The point is, that Morgan Stanley is “world wise” and can help understand all the nonsense about modern business.

The ad is a little on the corporate-buzz-word side, and is certainly targeting more high-end corporate or individual investors. Nevertheless, it’s one of the few ads I’ve found to actually be a pleasure to watch, without feeling that overwhelming irritation that I’m being “sold” something. Probably because I am in no way their target demographic, but still.

Anyway, I laud the marketing team at Morgan Stanley for making an intelligent and visually pleasing ad, without having some guy in a suit walking towards me and asking to manage my money.


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  1. eric s. on

    i found your site while looking for the same ad. if you find the video online, could you please post a link on a comment here? have a great day, E.S.

  2. Curtis Plowgian on

    Hey, no fair. How come you get random people who find your site while searching online for the stuff you write about? When is someone gonna leave a comment on my blog saying, “I was searching for online reviews of The Secret when I came across your blog. Your well-written verbal thrashing of the book convinced me not to buy it”. That would be satisfying.

  3. zozer319 on

    Eric: I found it!!! I think it’s the whole thing… apparently the place that made it posted a copy of the video (Method).
    I couldn’t download it myself since I don’t have “pro” but here’s the link, anyway:

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