On the neologism “dumpety”

Okay, I had to post this because it needs to become a word.  I checked Google, the only thing “Dumpety” turned up (basically) was some lame children’s book called “Dumpety the Dump Truck.”  Way lame.  Anyway, I am setting forth a definition of “dumpety” right now (subject to refinement, as my brother and I basically made it up):

dumpety (DUM-pet-ee) adj.  1)   Pathetic, clumsy, evoking amusement rather than pity:  Look at that dumpety bird with only one leg.  Usu. deprecatory.  2) Oddly-shaped, oblong or irregularly formed:  Save the good muffins for the bake sale; just eat one of the dumpety ones.  Comp. pitiful, malformed, feeble, sad.

With this handy term and definition now in your lexicon, please use the word “dumpety” whenever and wherever possible, appropriate or otherwise.


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  1. zozer319 on

    Okay, for the record, I do feel kind of bad about the bird sentence in the definition… but that’s the beauty of dumpety: it’s always on the fine line between funny and sad.

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