Order now (or soon) and get a $10 six-month membership to the National Arbor Day Foundation, and with your order receive your choice of a mix (or the same kind) of TEN FREE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Choose from the “Autumn Classics” collection, Ten White Dogwoods, Ten Oaks (2 each of 5 varieties) and many other exciting options.  Great for the whole family!  (Also note that if you do not wish to receive these TEN FREE TREES, you can choose membership without the trees.  But come on.  Only $10 to receive your TEN FREE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And just in case you were wondering – I totally took up this offer and sent TEN FREE TREES to my parents – I was going to just prank them, i.e. order without telling them so they would get “prank trees” in the mail, but I figured that wasn’t fair to the trees.  So I called them and asked which TEN FREE TREES they wanted.  Dad went for the oaks but Mom wanted a dogwood, so I went with the Tree Mix.  I think my favorite part was where they started arguing over the phone over which trees to get… then I reminded them that they were arguing over FREE TREES.

In conclusion, TEN FREE TREES!!!  And if you spend over $25 in the Tree Store, you get two free forsythias as well!

TEN FREE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tell your friends!  (Especially the landowning ones)

Prank trees… the perfect gift.

* Note:  I’m not being sarcastic about this… I just freakin’ love the idea of FREE TREES.  Come on… FREE TREES… hilarious AND Earth-friendly.


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  1. Kate E. Charlton on

    This post almost makes me want to order FREE TREES and plant them on my apartment complex. Seriously. I don’t even own flipping land and I want some FREE TREES.

    Maybe I should follow your lead and also send the rents some FREE TREES. Hmmm…

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