Prime Week

So apparently, according to my sleuthing and a prime number calculator, it’s Prime Week!  That is, starting today (51307) and continuing through until next Saturday (51907) and with the exception of Tuesday (51507) and Friday (51807), all of the week’s dates, written in that format, are prime numbers!  Also interesting because this will not hold true for all of next week, i.e. the 52X07s (apparently they are divisible by 3 or 131 or something).  Now to have so many prime numbers in sequence like that – not consecutive exactly, but still a sort of pattern – seems to be a big deal, especially as primes get rarer the larger you go.  So I think this is a noteworthy week!

Even if it’s not official, Happy Prime Week!  (Even my birthday, 51607, is prime – and I’m turning a prime number!)

I love random math


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