Giuliani: “I’ve Seen”

Okay this isn’t creative on my part but I just caught the re-run of last week’s Colbert Report in which he describes Giuliani’s campaign as running on “two steel and glass towers,” without which he can’t keep up. And noted that after Giuliani received thunderous applause after only getting out the words “I’ve seen,” – “that’s all he has to say now. That would make a good campaign slogan, actually.”

So they showed this bumper sticker (more or less). I couldn’t find it on or by searching Google images, so I thought I’d throw one together.

I’m still not even sure who to support in this election (not least because it isn’t a big deal until THE MIDDLE OF NEXT YEAR), but this was just funny regardless.

Rudy Giuliani ‘08:  “I’ve Seen”


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