On Absurd Materialism

Between ubiquitous advertising and occasional trips to the north suburbs, I was inspired to jot this down.  I could probably tighten this up and tweak the individual purchases, but I think it speaks for itself.

A Poem about America
I found the perfect shoes
But my closet was already full
(So I bought a closet organizer from the Container Store)
But it didn’t match my sweater bags
(So I bought a whole new closet organizing system at Ikea)
I loved everything at Ikea
(So I redecorated my whole house)
My car wasn’t big enough to take it all home
(So I bought a new one)
And of course I had to find a nice new house to match my car
(So I took out a second mortgage)
But I had to remodel the whole place, and couldn’t live there yet
(So I took a Caribbean cruise)
And of course I had to get a whole new wardrobe for the trip
(So I found the cutest designer dress to match my new shoes)
Thank goodness I bought those shoes!


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