On Facebook Polls

I’m not entirely sure why the Facebook polls exist, other than to get you to pay upwards of $100 to put a little poll script on the public site. Can you actually collect information from anyone that will be useful? Will this be used for serious purposes? Or is it like those stupid “What is 50 Cent’s real name” banner ads, except you’re the one paying for it?

Anyway, the payment option was an unpleasant surprise after I had designed a poll of my own. Needless to say, I was tempted to pay anyway (which is what Facebook clearly wants you to do) but instead I just took a screen shot and will post it here.

Also, it reminds me of a great Toothpaste for Dinner comic.  Actually two of them.


Facebook poll


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  1. ferociouskater on

    Can you imagine your son or daughter asking you for $101 so they can see what their friends opinions are on whether or not Brad and Angelina are going to adopt another African child?

    I think at that point I would pull him or her out of college.

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