On Longer-Term Vision

I did not and will not post this question on YouTube for the presidential candidates, but if I could ask one question of all of them – all parties, all platforms – I would want them to grapple with the following question. And hope for an honest and thoughtful answer:

Where do you want this country to be in 5 years?  Or 10 years, if you presume to say that you will be in office for a full two terms?  The leaders of this nation will have to deal with the problems left to them by their predecessors, but we should also attempt to look ahead and work for the good of all, with a longer-term vision of the future than just the end of the first 100 days in office.

I guess I want to ask you to look ahead, beyond what might be your own time in power over this country, and articulate what you want to leave behind, and how you really want to make this country better in the long-term, not just fixing (or professing to fix) short-term problems.  Can you leave unfinished tasks and challenges for your successor, without just leaving a mess?


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