On Job Satisfaction

This isn’t so much an actual post on this topic as it is a plug for what I might turn into an honest-to-goodness webcomic, “Stan & Ergo,” about the day-to-day worklife of two employees.  For future reference, the two can be distinguished most clearly (because they pretty much look alike) by their positions – Stan is the one standing in most of the frames, and Ergo (named for ergonomic office equipment, furniture, etc.) is the one sitting at his desk.  I might name the boss/manager character, but the hair and tie are probably good enough.

I’ve posted a bunch of samples elsewhere in a Stan & Ergo album, but below is a sample.  Feel free to leave comments and/or votes about particular strips or the comic in general!  We’ll see if this thing goes anywhere.  For now, thinking of these (some of which are partly or entirely from my own experience) significantly adds to my job satisfaction.

Stan & Ergo, “Job Performance”


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