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On Byrne and Colbert

David Byrne on the Colbert Report!!!  Amazing.  And he actually laughs multiple times … he must be mellowing out.

Watch Byrne and Colbert’s interview at Colbert Nation

I will post something legit soon, really!


On Space Wars

Mike Moore’s new book, Twilight War:  the Folly of U.S. Space Dominance

I haven’t read this, but I was struck by an argument made by the author during a brief radio interview that I heard today, that a “space-based war” would take the form not of a Star-Wars style dogfight between small ships, but more likely a mutual launching and destruction of satellites meant to collect intelligence about the opposing side, and probably destruction occurring from land-based missiles.

The unintended consequence of this would be the creation of a great deal of floating and uncontrolled space debris, which would essentially make space unnavigable for any craft (as hitting the debris could compromise the hull or cause other problems).

So basically, yes – there is a way that we could actually screw up space.  Not in the sense that we ruin its substance, but we would render it polluted with junk and completely useless.

This was hilarious and sad to me.  Not only could we mess up the whole planet, but we could also mess up space.  Wow.

On Infrastructure

I could say a lot of things about Chicago here, but I’ll just leave you with this little postcard I made.

Chicago Infrastructure Postcard


 Here’s a little thought I had … hopefully worth posting.  Lately I’d had the occasional blip of creativity, but without direction they just come and go … I should try to tie a few down at once and make something good.  For now, here’s something at any rate.

You well-meaning modern managers
Stop buying better chairs and brand-new screens
Don’t waste your money
Here’s the bottom line:
Desk jobs are not ergonomic

On Job Satisfaction

This isn’t so much an actual post on this topic as it is a plug for what I might turn into an honest-to-goodness webcomic, “Stan & Ergo,” about the day-to-day worklife of two employees.  For future reference, the two can be distinguished most clearly (because they pretty much look alike) by their positions – Stan is the one standing in most of the frames, and Ergo (named for ergonomic office equipment, furniture, etc.) is the one sitting at his desk.  I might name the boss/manager character, but the hair and tie are probably good enough.

I’ve posted a bunch of samples elsewhere in a Stan & Ergo album, but below is a sample.  Feel free to leave comments and/or votes about particular strips or the comic in general!  We’ll see if this thing goes anywhere.  For now, thinking of these (some of which are partly or entirely from my own experience) significantly adds to my job satisfaction.

Stan & Ergo, “Job Performance”

A Thought on Corporations

Inspired by the documentary The Corporation (2003).

With the fall of totalitarian communism at the end of the 20th century, the world of 1984 now seems ominous but outdated. a fear whose potency we cannot fully recover.  The truth is that the world of corporate totalitarianism (see Jennifer Government) is not a threat but already a reality.  And we’ve already branded ourselves.

On Time Management

Okay August was the busiest month ever, so in lieu of actually writing anything here I’ll just post a picture of a hummingbird.  Find it.


On Chicago Construction

And now, a short poem I composed while reflecting on the driving fiascos that were Friday driving up to Gurnee, Saturday driving down from Gurnee, and Monday going to and from an interview and Logan Square.  You know it’s sad when you (repeatedly) take a shortcut through the streets of downtown Chicago in order to avoid a traffic jam.

“Chicago in Summer”
A bitter haiku about every damn road between Indiana and Wisconsin

Slow!  Stop!  Construction
Burning gallons at a crawl
Oh, futile fury

… And another one about semi-trucks (if/when I have time I’ll probably publish a sizable rant about the American highway systems and trucking industry)

I hate highway freight
Trucks are ruining our roads
Thanks, Eisenhower

On Facebook Polls

I’m not entirely sure why the Facebook polls exist, other than to get you to pay upwards of $100 to put a little poll script on the public site. Can you actually collect information from anyone that will be useful? Will this be used for serious purposes? Or is it like those stupid “What is 50 Cent’s real name” banner ads, except you’re the one paying for it?

Anyway, the payment option was an unpleasant surprise after I had designed a poll of my own. Needless to say, I was tempted to pay anyway (which is what Facebook clearly wants you to do) but instead I just took a screen shot and will post it here.

Also, it reminds me of a great Toothpaste for Dinner comic.  Actually two of them.


Facebook poll

On Hypertext Markup Weather

So I was checking the weather for tomorrow and this came up on I thought it was amusing enough to post. “Today’s forecast, 100% chance of HTML code. No discernible weather information predicted.”

HTML Weather Forecast