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On Longer-Term Vision

I did not and will not post this question on YouTube for the presidential candidates, but if I could ask one question of all of them – all parties, all platforms – I would want them to grapple with the following question. And hope for an honest and thoughtful answer:

Where do you want this country to be in 5 years?  Or 10 years, if you presume to say that you will be in office for a full two terms?  The leaders of this nation will have to deal with the problems left to them by their predecessors, but we should also attempt to look ahead and work for the good of all, with a longer-term vision of the future than just the end of the first 100 days in office.

I guess I want to ask you to look ahead, beyond what might be your own time in power over this country, and articulate what you want to leave behind, and how you really want to make this country better in the long-term, not just fixing (or professing to fix) short-term problems.  Can you leave unfinished tasks and challenges for your successor, without just leaving a mess?


On Talking Heads Videos

I’ll admit, I was close to writing an actual thought-out post this evening. But I felt compelled to post these videos instead … the ridiculousness of the world has reached new levels, I think.

I recommend watching, or at least browsing, these in order. Quick reviews listed with each video:

Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”

David Byrne (lead singer) dressed like a cross between Clark Kent and Pee Wee Herman, spasming in front of a green screen. Oh and there are about a half-dozen of him.

Talking Heads, “Burning Down the House”

Byrne’s disembodied head, by itself and superimposed on other peoples’ faces, with a nice conclusion of a kid playing David Byrne playing a guitar.

Tom Jones and the Cardigans singing “Burning Down the House”

I don’t know why, but there are CGI Capri-Sun-liquid people, and it’s disco. Be afraid.

Talking Heads, “Nothing But Flowers” (one of my favorites)

I don’t even know. Karaoke? I LOVE THIS

Talking Heads, “Wild Wild Life”

How many wigs does this man have access to???

Talking Heads, “And She Was”

I love the atomic brightness and the Square-One-ish quality

David Byrne, Interview with Himself (from “Stop Making Sense”)

He’s even uncomfortable talking to himself! “I’ll tell you later…”

And let’s not forget the crazy Squidward-looking dance…

Talking Heads, “Burning Down the House / Life During Wartime (Live)”

Go right to about 5:28 to see just the dance.

On Chicago Construction

And now, a short poem I composed while reflecting on the driving fiascos that were Friday driving up to Gurnee, Saturday driving down from Gurnee, and Monday going to and from an interview and Logan Square.  You know it’s sad when you (repeatedly) take a shortcut through the streets of downtown Chicago in order to avoid a traffic jam.

“Chicago in Summer”
A bitter haiku about every damn road between Indiana and Wisconsin

Slow!  Stop!  Construction
Burning gallons at a crawl
Oh, futile fury

… And another one about semi-trucks (if/when I have time I’ll probably publish a sizable rant about the American highway systems and trucking industry)

I hate highway freight
Trucks are ruining our roads
Thanks, Eisenhower

On Facebook Polls

I’m not entirely sure why the Facebook polls exist, other than to get you to pay upwards of $100 to put a little poll script on the public site. Can you actually collect information from anyone that will be useful? Will this be used for serious purposes? Or is it like those stupid “What is 50 Cent’s real name” banner ads, except you’re the one paying for it?

Anyway, the payment option was an unpleasant surprise after I had designed a poll of my own. Needless to say, I was tempted to pay anyway (which is what Facebook clearly wants you to do) but instead I just took a screen shot and will post it here.

Also, it reminds me of a great Toothpaste for Dinner comic.  Actually two of them.


Facebook poll

On Hypertext Markup Weather

So I was checking the weather for tomorrow and this came up on I thought it was amusing enough to post. “Today’s forecast, 100% chance of HTML code. No discernible weather information predicted.”

HTML Weather Forecast